Sound artist and composer of electroacoustic/electronic music, creator of the albums Shaper of Form (Poeta Negra 2006), which has been awarded the Qwartz prize for research and experimentation (Paris 2007), and Liquid Photography (Poeta Negra 2004). He is also known as a producer and sound engineer, as well as from his interactive installations Urban Portrait, Stasis/Kinesis, and Faces. He is the director of the experimental dance film series Imago, which has received a multitude of awards, nominations, and festival participations around the world, and has composed music for many theatrical and contemporary dance productions, installations, and other projects, in Greece and abroad.

He holds an MA and BSc from the Sonic Arts department of the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University, London, and has conducted research at the Acoustic Communication department of Berlin's Technische Universität.

Since 2014, he is technical director at Die Wolke art group, a non-profit in Thessaloniki, Greece, dedicated to the performing arts and technologies, and helps run Vitruvian Thing, a performing arts centre, live experimental music venue, and audiovisual studio.

He is a member of Paradigm Weave with Alfonso De Grandis, a sound art duo that produces installations, site-specific art, and cinematic sound design/soundtracks.




Many awards and nominations for Imago Ep.II: Symmetry, incl. Best Film (Martinique), Best Videodance (Athens), Best Experimental (Glasgow), Best Narrative (Indiana), and others.
International Qwartz award for research and experimentation for Shaper of Form.
ifpi Gold Record for participation in Giannis Aggelakas and Episkeptes’ Apo Do Kai Pano with the remix of Paei (π-mix).




Selection of albums produced by Dani Joss:


I Speak
I Speak

Interactive sound and movement performance using motion sensors. With Danae Christakakou at Stream vol.3.


Interactive performance for Die Wolke‘s Discrete Works 4.


Interactive motion sensor system for live vocal soundscape sonification and modulation for the dance performance by Die Wolke.

Chocolate Park
Chocolate Park

Multichannel soundscapes for the Chocolate Theme Park in Nicosia, CY, as Paradigm Weave.


Multichannel soundscapes for the Dinosaurs Christmas 2019 exhibit in Volos' University Square, as Paradigm Weave.

Stream: synergy meeting vol.2
Stream: synergy meeting vol.2

Interactive motion sensor system for sonification and audio modulation for the dance performance by Die Wolke art group.


Multichannel soundscapes and compositions for the Odyssey theme park at the Noesis Museum of Technology.

Trajectory of an Idea
Trajectory of an Idea

Interactive motion sensor system for sonification and audio modulation for the dance performance by Die Wolke art group.

Poetics of Time
Poetics of Time

Multichannel installation with Alfonso De Grandis, as Paradigm Weave.

Cascade: poit of no return
Cascade: Point of No Return

In addition to the music, designed the surround soundscapes used in the performance. Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki.

Urban Portrait
Passage Configuration

Contributed piece for a future installation. Details to be disclosed soon.

Urban Portrait
Urban Portrait

Interactive installation illustrating "psychosonography", using Thessaloniki soundscapes and instruments. Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, London, Action Field Kodra 2011, Thessaloniki.

Urban Portrait
Virtual Environment

Interactive installation based on a sensing rotating chair, a speaker array, and physics simulation software. With Dimitris Adam.

Urban Portrait

Interactive installation with optical motion tracking. Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London.

Urban Portrait

Interactive installation with motion tracking. Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, London.



Takeshi Kalamaro: EP (2018) - Guitar reamping

Cheilia Louloudia: Omorfoi Gremoi (2016) - Stem Mastering (w/ Apostolos Siopis)

No Brain Cell: No Brain Cell (2013) - Remixes

Giannis Kyratsos: O Kosmos Einai Mikros (2009) - Mixing of 3 tracks, some recording.

En Core: Ela Ki Esy Mazi (2012) - Mixing

Giannis Aggelakas & Episkeptes: Apo Edo Kai Pano (2006) - Remix of Paei

S.ink: B-movies/Toys (2004) - Guitar

Dinos Sadikis: To Gelio Ton Pollon (2003) - Recording, some arrangements, guitar

S.ink: Time and Timing (2003) - Guitar

Daemonia Nympe: Remixed (2001) - Remix

Film & Video

USP book presentations (2020). Audio/video processing, restoration, and titling.

Anachronism: Evi Tzortzi (2020). Contributed music for the short film, as well as worked in post-production.

John Cage: vocal works (2018) - a selection of solos for voice and electronics by John Cage, performed by Virginia Gaidatzi. Live electronics, recording, video.

9023: short film by S. Petridis and T. Nanavraki (2017) - Sound Design

Rachel Tselepidou & Giannis Kyratsos videos (2017) - recording, camera, post-production

Falaina video (2017) by Sancho 003, i.e. Kostas Pantelis & Fotis Siotas (camera, post-production, live recording)

Divided Memories 1940-1950 (2016) - video interviews for the exhibition at the State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, by Goethe Institut Thessaloniki, Jewish Museum Thessaloniki, and German History Museum, Berlin (camera, sound, post-production)

Funkenschlag: short film by Lukas Link (2015) - Sound Design/music

Dance, Theatre, Performance

Stream: synergy meeting vol.3 (2023) Interactive dance system and programming.

Poetics of Space (2023) by Die Wolke art group (music, visualisations)

The Tempest (2021-2) by Die Wolke art group (music, performance)

Discrete Works 4 (2021) by Die Wolke art group (music, interactive systems)

Δtopia (2020) - Buffer Fring performing art festival, Nicosia. Interactive motion/sound sensor system & software.

ISO sessions (2020) - Dimitria 2020. 8 online performances. Production, digital processing, A/V post.

Stream: synergy meeting vol.2 (2019) by Die Wolke art group. Interactive dance system and programming.

Trajectory of an Idea (2019) by Die Wolke art group. Concept, music, interactive dance system and programming.

Lattice 2 choreographed by D. Triantaki for Discrete Works III (2018), Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki.

Sieve choreographed by D. Triantaki at Atom Choreographic Series #2 (2018), Sofia, Bulgaria.

Cascade: Equilibria (2018) by Die Wolke art group presented at Gdański Festiwal Tańca, Poland (music).

Fontana Mix: a digital realisation of John Cage's tape piece with locally sampled sound pools for Virginia Gaidatzi's performance of the Aria, at the special happening of Unit Motives: Cage (2018).

Raz Edit: an I-Ching determined edit of a selection of John Cage works for Dana Raz' performance at Unit Motives: Cage (2018).

Cascade: beginning and Cascade: point of no return (2017) by Die Wolke art group (music, live sound, soundscapes)

Discrete Works I, II (2016), III (2018) by Die Wolke art group (music)

Drops III (2014) by Die Wolke art group (music, sound design, Berio transformations)

Sugar Slave (2011) by N. Stamatopoulou (soundscapes), Slow Down Winter Performance Festival, Amsterdam

Solo project (2003-7) performed at Synch Festival - Athens twice, Bios - Athens, Mylos - Thessaloniki, Patra, and many more.

Dinos Sadikis (2000-4) performed at Greece tours.

S.ink (2000-4) performed at Mylos - Thessaloniki, Notting Hill Arts Club, London, and more.

Harry Elektron and Sons (part of the ‘Theia Voi’ performance)

Trust Test by X-Soma (contributed music to the interactive performance)